Welcome to TeenNow California’s Blog

Thanks for reading our brand-new blog! TeenNow California, the only state-wide agency for professionals working in teen parent programs and teen pregnancy prevention, was established in 1971 as the California Alliance Concerned with School Aged Parenting (CACSAP). The last 39 years have brought many changes to the organization, including an expansion of our role in teen pregnancy prevention (and the addition of “and Pregnancy Prevention” to our name), the evolution of the agency from an all-volunteer-run venture to a structured agency with staff, office space, and technology infrastructure, and most recently the complete name change in 2008 to TeenNow California. Our mission has stayed largely the same throughout:

TeenNow California increases the knowledge, skills, and resources of individuals concerned with preventing teen pregnancy, supporting young families, and promoting adolescent sexual health.”

As we move forward into our fifth decade of existence, we plan to expand our programs and services to bring even more value to people working with adolescents, providing professional development opportunities, resources, and technical assistance. This blog will feature information on goings-on at TeenNow California, industry news, commentary, and updates on resources, current events, people in the field, and more. Stay tuned, and thanks for listening!


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