Office of Adolescent Health Funding Announcements, and How We Can Help

Last week the OAH released the first of at least two RFAs for teen pregnancy prevention, and yesterday it released the second. We sent out notices immediately to our list serve, but if you haven’t seen it. you can click on these links. The first RFA is for evidence-based programs, either for sex ed curricula or youth-development programs that have been proven effective at reducing teen pregnancy and/or significant related factors. A total of $75 million dollars will be disbursed for this program. The second is for research and demonstration programs to determine the effectiveness of other methods of preventing teen pregnancy, and will fund $25 million in programs across the country.

The proposal process is expected to be very competitive, with only 150 awards anticipated in the first tier and 45 in the second tier. In addition, the funding levels are quite high, and successful grantees will implement only one intervention. In other words, let’s say you apply for $400,000. You must spend all that money one only one intervention–either one curriculum-based program or one youth development program. That means you can really only serve one population. If you choose, say, Reducing the Risk as your intervention, you have to ensure that you can conduct that curriculum with enough high school students (the population for which RTR has been found successful) to justify getting $400,000. Because of these stipulations, many smaller, local agencies may have trouble applying for this money.

The RFAs stress that collaboration is desired, and TeenNow California wants to ensure that our state can capitalize on this money. To this end, and to help smaller agencies apply for the funding, we are considering forming a partnership to apply for the grant. We are in the process of developing an RFP to determine which partners would meet our project structure and goals, and will be releasing this in the very near future. We anticipate that we’ll be looking for between eight to 20 partners across California who are all planning to implement the same intervention with the same population. For more information, watch this blog, our web site, and our list serve, or contact us at 619-741-9650,

In addition to this partnership, we are also available to provide assistance during the application process, and in the implementation process. Services we can offer include:

  • guidance on writing and editing your proposal ( we will not write the grant but can provide assistance on elements of the application, and we can review the proposals)
  • help with selecting the best intervention for your community and target population
  • assistance with creating a logic model
  • instruction on structuring appropriate goals and objectives.
  • serving as a fiscal agent for those agencies that need one

For successful grantees, we can provide:

  •  required training and technical assistance
  • evaluation services.

Anyone interested in discussing how to partner with us in any one of these ways, please contact us as soon as possible, as we can only collaborate with a limited number of agencies.

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