New Report from the California Budget Project Shows Poor Pay More Taxes than the Rich

Especially in an election year, we hear a great deal about how government is bleeding the wealthy to pay for services to the poor–people who, according to political-speak, are burdens on the government. A new report from the non-partisan California Budget Project shows, however, that low-income Californians pay a higher percentage of their wages in state taxes than the rich. Wealthy Californians, the report says, pay about 7.8% of their wages in taxes, while the poorest pay 11.1% of their wages in taxes. While this talks only about state taxes, the picture is similar at the Federal level. In a report by Citizens for Tax Justice, it was shown that people in the lowest income brackets pay about the same amount of taxes in proportion to their income as people in the highest brackets. Interesting food for thought as we move through yet another season of venemous political rhetoric and scapegoating…

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