Today is National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

By Jennifer Ashlock, Operations and Communications Coordinator, TeenNow California

Today is the ninth annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, spearheaded by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies.  The primary purpose of this day is to help teens focus on the importance of avoiding teen pregnancy and other consequences of sex.  The National Campaign has a variety of resources for teens, including an online game with puzzles that test teens’ knowledge about issues and situations relating to teen pregnancy.  An added bonus is that the teens that complete the puzzles are eligible to win prizes.  Also be on the lookout for a Public Service Announcement design contest that encourages teens to submit their ideas and artwork regarding teen pregnancy prevention. 

This amazing day has support from more than 200 national organizations and media outlets that serve as official National Day partners.  To see what organizations in your area or throughout California are doing to support the day click here.  There are not many social problems that have improved as dramatically over the past 10 years as teen pregnancy.  Unfortunately after a steady decline the teen pregnancy rate rose 3% in 2006.  It is not just teens that need to be reminded of the importance of teen pregnancy prevention, but all communities need a renewed focus to curb this incline. 

There are plenty of resources for you to share with teens as well as parents to help increase teen pregnancy prevention awareness.  Encourage teens to take the National Day quiz so they can test their knowledge and see what they would do in certain situations.  They will also be eligible to win prizes.  The National Campaign has also put together some informative guides for both parents and teens.  Click here for the parent guide and click here for the teen guide.  Don’t forget about the Stay Teen Block Party game that teens can play now through the end of May.  This will test your knowledge on teen pregnancy prevention, sex myths, relationship issues, and much more through a series of 9 challenging and fun trivia puzzles.

Remember, prevention begins with you!

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