2010 TeenNow California Conference Details

By Jennifer Ashlock, Operations and Communications Coordinator

The details have been confirmed for our upcoming 2010 TeenNow California Conference!  This year we are splitting the conference into 2 different conferences in Northern California and Southern California.  We hope that this will help organizations cut down on the costs of travelling and hotel stays.

A little information about the conferences:

The landscape of teen pregnancy prevention and teen parenting is changing every day, but at no time has it changed in so many ways as it is now.  We have more opportunities–and challenges–than ever before.  Federal funding opportunities for teen pregnancy prevention and supportive services for teen parents are exciting and bountiful, even as the California budget crisis has hit hard on every front.  Support for comprehensive, evidence-based programs is high, but political posturing threatens that support.  But don’t be dismayed by this changing landscape.  It offers us a unique chance to capitalize on the good and battle the bad.  Navigating through the changes takes careful attention, and requires that we all pool our resources to make the most out of every opportunity while standing together to battle threats.   This conference focuses on the way we need to start thinking to make sure that we weather the changes in the best way possible.  We will look at what best practices and programs are working and how to integrate those practices into our work.  We will provide you with information from new studies, tools to use, and help you understand how policies affect your work.  
The Northern California Conference will be held at The Patrick Hayes Learning Center in Sacramento, CA.  The preconference will take place on September 29, 2010.  You can also take advantage of an AFLP Seminar at the Northern conference only.  The TeenNow California conference on the following day also includes additional training for AFLP grantees.  The Northern California conference will be September 30, 2010 with wonderful workshops to choose from and an exciting keynote speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Miller .
The Southern California preconference will be held on October 4, 2010 at Cal State San Bernardino in San Bernardino, CA.  The actual conference for Southern California will be the very next day, October 5, 2010 and offers a variety of interactive and informative workshops to choose from.  The keynote speaker is Dr. Kim Clark and is sure to be captivating!
For more info and to register for the conference, please visit our web site.  The call for proposals for conference workshops is also on our web site.  Check back often for more information!

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