2010 TeenNow California Conference

It’s been quite some time since we’ve blogged here, and I apologize for that. The last two months have been spent tied to our desks working on the Federal FOAs, but now we’re back and ready to start writing again!

In the time we’ve been away, we’ve really shaped up our conference plans. We have two locations for your convenience, and to reduce travel costs. Our Northern California conference is in Sacramento at the Patrick Hayes Learning Center at Sutter University (September 29th and 30th), and features keynote speaker Dr. Elizabeth Miller on relationship violence. As we’ve seen more and more, violence plays far too big a part in teen dating relationships, especially among teen parents. This important session gives insight from new and concerning research on how violence manifests itself through reproductive coercion. In addition to the keynote, we have several timely, relevant workshops for providers of services to teen parents and teens at risk of early pregnancy. For details about workshops, check our site in the next few weeks.

In the South, we’re having the conference at California State University at San Bernardino, at the Manuel Santos Event Center (October 4th and 5th). Our keynote there will be Dr. Kim Clark, who has been involved at the highest levels of teen pregnancy prevention in California for many years. Dr. Clark will talk about the history and future of teen pregnancy prevention as he sees it. As with the Northern conference, workshops will include information you can use right now in your jobs, and will feature the latest in best practices and technologies.

If you’re interested in exhibiting at either (or both) conferences, you can find exhibitor information on our web site. As with registration fees, we have significantly lowered our prices this year to accommodate everyone who is struggling through this recession. We’ll be posting the workshop listings within the month, and as more information becomes available, we’ll talk about it here, on our site, and through our e-blasts. For more information or answers to your questions, call 619-741-9650. Hope to see you all there!