Parent-Child Communication Key to Reducing Teen Pregnancy Rate

Did you know that the majority of young people don’t learn about sex from their teachers and parents, but instead, learn about sex from their peers, the internet, and other social media? This is probably not surprising to the vast majority of people, and often media and the internet can be utilized for good (just check out some of the sex education websites we cited in a previous blogpost),but, according to the writers of Managing the Media Monster, “television, music, movies, magazines, the Internet, and other kinds of media are not always healthy sex educators, however, because in the media sex rarely occurs inside loving, long-term relationships, and potentially negative outcomes or contraceptives are almost never discussed or depicted.”

Sex education in the hands of the media and the internet can have its benefits, but TeenNow believes it’s time that parents take back their role as a main educator of sexual health for their own children; research shows that parents who talk to their children have a much greater impact on their behavior than parents who do not. TeenNow California is proud to introduce Parents as First Teachers as a first step in opening communication between parents and their children.

Parents as First Teachers is a new training that will soon be implemented in select cities across California that trains parents on how to speak effectively and comfortably with their children about sexual health. Parents as First Teachers is dedicated to building and supporting open communication between parents and their children about sexuality and growing up.

There are two trainings in this project, one dedicated towards children from age 5-9 and another dedicated to children ages 10-15. The training for younger children is focused on a variety of issues including how to answer questions about where babies come from, what information young children need to know to protect themselves from abuse, and how to begin setting the stage to be an approachable parent. The training for older children and teens addresses sex and growing up, teen sex, STDs and birth control, and internet safety. This training helps parents answer teens’ questions, provides accurate information, and gives parents lesson plans and materials they can use with their children at home. Both sets of trainings include lectures and interactive activities, including skill-building exercises like role play and scenario examination. TeenNow is in the process of translating these trainings into Spanish, and we are hoping to translate them into more languages in the near future.

These trainings are soon going to be implemented in schools during the evenings to parents. Our goal is to enhance the capability of parents to discuss sex accurately with their children while feeling comfortable.

Don’t you think it’s time that parents take back their role as the main educator of their children? If you believe that it’s important that we lower the teen pregnancy rate and facilitate open communication between children and their parents, then support TeenNow. You can support our Parents as First Teachers program by emailing; request Parents as First Teachers at your school, get more information, or donate money towards the project. You can donate by visiting our Cause page on Facebook, or going to our website and donating through our main page, just specify that you want the funds to go towards the Parents As First Teachers project.

Together we can all reduce the teen pregnancy rate and change the way children and teenagers view sex! Donate to TeenNow’s Parents as First Teachers project today!

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