TeenNow in 2011

TeenNow California is looking ahead to the future to see how we can better assist teen pregnancy and prevention professionals across the state, as well as explore innovative strategies to reduce the teen pregnancy rate!

Goals for 2011 and Beyond!

Increase our advocacy role.

  • Advocacy is an important part of what we do. We find, as do many people, that we spend our advocacy time “putting out fires,” rather than taking the time to identify important issues ahead of time and addressing them head-on. In the next year we will enhance our role throughout the state by bringing on a policy intern and securing additional resources to help in our policy efforts.

Expand programs and services to include more leadership development opportunities.

  • TeenNow California is crafting new programs and services designed to help people in the field of teen pregnancy and parenting to grow professionally, and to help other people gain interest in the field. In the coming year we will create services that will be available to members, to help them learn the field better, get needed training, and make critical contacts that will enhance their careers. In addition, we will reach out to young people interested in teen parenting and pregnancy prevention, such as peer educators, college students, and even high school students that are interested in the field, and offer them important leadership development opportunities.
  • TeenNow California realizes that it is important that California’s youth stay interested in the teen pregnancy and prevention field in order to continue to reduce the teen pregnancy rate and to make sure that the next generation of professionals in the field are educated, aware, and prepared for whatever lies ahead.

TeenNow California is in the process of, and plans to continue, to develop key partnerships with government and community organizations to advance our platform.

  • We know we cannot reduce the teen pregnancy rate-or provide the needed support for teen parents-on our own. We’re excited to continue our partnerships with other organizations and develop new relationships to ensure that adolescent health professionals have a voice and much-needed resources.

In order to ensure that our members get the most out of their membership, we are planning on offering more training and technical assistance in proven as well as innovative ways.

  • We hope to expand our webinar services and conference calls so that everyone can have an affordable way to receive the training and assistance they need.

We hope you are as excited about 2011 as we are! But we want your feedback on what YOU want from TeenNow in 2011! Please leave a comment or e-mail tnca@teennowcalifornia.org to share your thoughts and let us know how we can better serve you in the coming year!

TeenNow California is here to assist sexual health professionals across the state, offering you the resources and trainings you need, but we can’t do it all without your help! Remember, even a dollar can make a difference and help us expand our programs and services. Please visit www.teennowcalifornia.org to donate today or learn more about our programs and services.

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