More Proof that Parent-Child Communication Works!

A recent study and an editorial by an experienced sex educator stresses the importance of parents talking with their children about sexual health. The study found that although 98% of the 1,605 parents that participated in the study believed that youth should receive sex education from their parents, 78% also believed that kids received the  majority of information about sex from friends and 60% saw media as the main source. So why is there such a huge disparity between what parents think should happen and what actually happens? Why aren’t parents actually talking to their kids about sex and taking an active role in their sex education?

Although most people now agree that parents speaking with their children openly about sex and sexual health is imperative, the problem is that the majority of parents don’t know HOW to talk to their children about sex. So instead of just preaching the importance of parent-child communication, the Parents as First Teachers program is actually doing something about it!

By supporting Parents as First Teachers, you’re supporting a training program that teaches parents in a culturally sensitive way how to talk openly and correctly with their children about sexual health. Parents of at-risk children will be taught how to begin the conversation at an early age and maintain it throughout the teenage years, and all of this for free for the parents and their children! 

We wrote a previous blogpost about our Parents as First Teachers program, which you should definitely read to learn more about this life-changing program. We need help though to sustain this program! Consider donating to the Parents as First Teachers program through our Facebook Cause, or click on the “Donate” button on the upper left-hand corner of our webpage.

Aren’t in a position to donate a few dollars? That’s okay! If you really believe that it is imperative that parents learn how to speak openly and effectively to their children about sex, then there are many others ways you can help us! We also need donations from businesses for printing and copying our curricula as well as other office supplies. E-mail to learn more about all the ways you can help!

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