Breaking News!

TeenNow California is saddened to announce that there have been even more budget cuts to essential teen pregnancy prevention and support programs and services! The budget conference committee met yesterday (3/04) and made more devastating cuts to programs and services which includes the elimination of $20 million dollars for Community Challenge Grants and a $45 million cut to Cal-Learn!

If you haven’t heard of the Community Challenge Grants, they are administered by the Teen Pregnancy Prevention division of the Office of Family Planning and is one of the most successful teen pregnancy prevention programs in California. Programs funded by the Community Challenge Grant include many after-school and leadership development programs; because of this, the elimination of the CCG Grants would also effect crime rates, high school drop-out rates, and much more!

The Cal-Learn program was designed to assist teen parents receiving California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs). The Cal-Learn program helps pregnant and parenting teens to attend and graduate from high school or its equivalent. The Cal-Learn program serves over 15,000 teens each month and provides intensive case management to assist teen parents in obtaining education, health, and social services.

We all have to organize quickly and advocate against these cuts! We need to reach out to the Assembly Speaker and Senate President Pro Tempore to let them know that we can’t sustain these cuts. In addition, we need you to reach out to the legislators in your district to identify champions for these vital youth programs. You should also reach out to the Governor and members of your community, including parents, youth, and community leaders who support our cause.

TeenNow California will be creating materials you can use (letters, talking points, petitions, and so on) and posting them on our web site. We need to mobilize everyone to make our voices heard!

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