2011 TeenNow California Conference Approaches

As we move into summer, the planning for the 2011 TeenNow California conference, “Pushing Forward: Using What We’ve Learned to Maintain Momentum,” is heating up. This year we’re focusing on creative ways to continue to provide excellent services despite budget cuts and fiscal hardships. We’ve reduced the cost of the conference drastically to help you attend; this does mean that certain things will be different this year.

First, we’ve once again decided to break the conference into two parts, Northern and Southern. Most of you felt that our decision to do this last year helped you attend. Our Northern conference will be held at the California Endowment’s Oakland Conference Center, and the Southern conference will be held at the California Endowment’s Center for Healthy Communities, in Los Angeles. The main conference will be on September 27th and October 11th, respectively, and the TNCA Institutes (previously called the Pre-Conference) will be on September 26th and October 12th.

Second, to reduce our costs—so we can reduce registration fees—we’re not printing brochures to market the conference this year. Instead, we’re doing all our marketing electronically. This means you won’t get a brochure and registration form in the mail this year, but we’ve created a handy and information-filled web site that allows you to either print out the registration form or register right there online! We’re also re-thinking other costs such as conference programs and bags. Despite our cost-cutting efforts, we guarantee that the conference will provide the same useful information as ever, and great opportunities to network with your colleagues!

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