Exciting News About the TeenNow California Conference

Every year, the TeenNow California conference includes our Institutes (previously called the Pre-Conference) plus a main conference. The Institutes are in-depth full- or half-day sessions that focus on areas of immediate need or interest, and the conference gives you several shorter workshops on things you need in your work every day. This year, we have a really exciting line-up for the TNCA Institutes that I want to share with you.

As in past years, we’ll be offering three TNCA Institutes. These will be either half- or full-day sessions that provide an intense look at topics we feel are really important right now. The first one is an issue we all face in these rough times: funding your mission. Budget cuts, reduction in donations, the economy in general–all of these have hurt our ability to carry out our mission. As we face the loss of yet another excellent teen pregnancy prevention program and a major support for young families, we need to look beyond the traditional methods of funding programs. Non-profits will have to rely less on public money (government contracts) and foundations, and find new ways to generate revenue. We’ve brought in a pair of fund development experts for both the Oakland and Los Angeles conferences who will teach you new ways to generate funds in out-of-the-box ways. Best of all, these methods will be ones that we, as non-professional fund developers, can actually implement.

Next, there has been a lot of work done recently around racial and ethnic disparities in prevention and treatment of STDs and HIV. There are clear differences in the rates of transmission, access to care, and outcomes in racial minorities, and now there are efforts afoot to do something about it. Another of our Institutes will focus on reducing disparities in STD/HIV prevention and treatment, and will be led by public health leaders from around California. The Institute will define the issue and present data, and then launch into a discussion about ways we as clinicians, health educators, social workers and teachers can work to overcome barriers to information and care that cause such disparities.

And last but not least, we are again partnering with the California Department of Education to present training for Cal-SAFE program staff and administrators. The Cal-SAFE Institute will focus on programmatic information such as evaluation, monitoring, and safety issues, as well as how teachers and staff in the program can most effectively work with the teen parents they serve, and their children.

All three Institutes will be held in both Oakland and Los Angeles. In Oakland the TNCA Institutes will take place on Monday, September 26th, and in Los Angeles, they will be on Wednesday, October 12th. TNCA Institutes will cost $65 (early bird rate–register by September 2nd) for a full day of sessions, and if you buy the conference package, you get the Institute and the main conference for only $135 (early bird). Don’t miss these great workshops, at a great price! You can find registration materials on our web site, including a printable registration form and an online registration form. Hope to see you there!

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