Be Part of Our Strategy Session for the Future of Adolescent Sexual Health in California

Breaking News! TeenNow California has added a very important piece to our 2011 conferences. In light of the recent budget cuts that have nearly decimated our teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs in California, we are holding an emergency session at the conferences to discuss how we can move forward and protect the knowledge and skills that we have developed over the last decades. We can not afford to lose the expertise that has allowed California to be one of the most successful states in reducing the teen birth rate—both primary and secondary—and supporting young families. The programming will include a panel that discusses the state of things in adolescent sexual health as they stand in this new fiscal year, and a focus group session where you, the experts in the field, will help strategize on how we can move forward. Please don’t miss this critical discussion, which will take place as part of our Main conferences: North, September 27th in Oakland, and South, October 11th in Los Angeles. For more information on the conference and how to register, please visit our conference site or send e-mail to You can also call us at 619-741-9650.

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