Don’t forget to listen and call in to our radio show!

Don’t forget that at 3:30 today we’ll be talking about what’s happened in California as a result of the budget cuts to adolescent health. Although we discussed the consequences before the budget passed, it’s important that we keep attention focused on the programs and services we’ve given up, and what losing them will mean to our youth. We hope to have representatives from the legislature listening as well as people from media outlets. so this is an important way to keep decision-makers from forgetting about the vital programs youth need to stay healthy. We need your voices, too, to tell listeners about how the youth in your communities are suffering as a result of the de-funding of CCG, Cal-Learn, and the loss of so many Cal-SAFE programs to flexibility. Please call in today! See below for show information.

When: Tuesday July 26th, 3:30 PM PST

To Listen:

To call in: (323) 417-6767

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