Timely Subject: Finding Creative Ways to Fund Your Mission

I just got off the phone with Regina Neu and Emily Newman, who are leading our Fund Development Institute at the Oakland and Los Angeles conferences this year. We’re putting the final touches on the agenda and choosing activities, and our talk made me so excited I felt I had to write about it. Why? Because this information is so critical to anyone working in non-profits right now, but especially to those in teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs.

For far too long we have relied almost entirely on government grants to fund the important work we do. In the past that may have worked, but in this economic climate, where Federal, State and Local governments are scrambling to fill budget deficits and fund safety-net programs, we clearly can’t count on that support anymore. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to fund raise in other ways, and how to think differently about where the money for your programs should come from. In both Oakland and Los Angeles we’re holding  this four-hour institute; the agendas will be largely the same and the presenters are both experts in the fields of non-profit management and fund development. We’ll be sharing information about how to find the right funding opportunities for your agency, how to “sell” your programs, how and when to use social media in fundraising efforts, and exploring some other places to look for funding. At the end of the Institute, you’ll have a good start on creating a fund development plan for your program–something that we all need now.

Even if you don’t work in teen pregnancy prevention or parenting, you need to come to this workshop. It’s inexpensive, we’re holing it in two locations for convenience and reduced travel time, and it’s mission-critical to your organization. Don’t miss out. For more information and to register, visit us at www.teennowcalifornia.org/events.php. Don’t wait–the early bird registration rate ends on September 2nd!

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