Most Americans Support No-Cost Birth Control, Poll Says

A new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows, among other things, that 66% of Americans support the Department of Health and Human Services’ decision to require health insurers to cover the full cost of birth control. Only 24% disapprove of the law. This shows once again that most Americans take a very rational approach to reproductive health issues. As we saw in past polls, most parents want their children to receive comprehensive sex education in the schools, despite vehement opposition by a very vocal minority. (, ) It seems now that the same is true for supporting access to contraceptives—most Americans understand that preventing unintended pregnancies and improving women’s health is critical to strengthening families and communities. This poll should be an important factor in the ongoing debate about health care reform and the budget, as the House has tried repeatedly to eliminate funding for family planning and sex education. The real question is, will it make a difference? Do politicians really care about what their constituents think, or do they simply push their own agenda? Tell us what you think!

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