CA Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide: An Interview with Sue Keppler

by Lena Schmidt, TeenNow California Operations and Communications Coordinator

This week I interviewed Sue Keppler, the Vice President of Education and Community Outreach at Planned Parenthood Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley, Inc.about the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide. PPPSGV recently sponsored a training for TeenNow California about the guide. For those of you who missed it, there are several trainings coming up! And get a taste of what the guide is all about below.

TeenNow California: What is the Guide?

Keppler: It is a legal information resource guide for pregnant and parenting minors. It is also useful for a range of teens because of the range of issues covered, such as immigration. It is also useful for the father or co-parent, the parents of the pregnant minor, including foster parents, peer educators, and other professional staff working with teens.

TeenNow California: How did the guide come to be?

Keppler: The guide is a project of the National Partnership for Women and Families, National Health Law Program, and the Health Consumer Alliance, and was contributed to by many consultants. The guide came out of a wish to provide access to information pregnant teens may need. PPPSGV got involved in the process in January 2011 to figure out how to deliver trainings to social workers, teachers, nurses, schools–people who have contact with teen parents.

TeenNow California: How can people use the guide?

Keppler: People can use the guide to refer teens who come to them and ask questions about pregnancy, immigration, housing, and other topics. They can direct teens to the guide or website or work with teens to access the resources. There are some hard copies of the guide available for areas with limited access to the internet. The guide and the website are written from a teen perspective, so they are accessible. There are also resources on the website for professionals and there are trainings available online and in-person. There are Spanish language trainings and a recently completed module for peer-to-peer education that has been piloted with peer educators and some Cal-SAFE programs. The guide is really designed to give staff a degree of confidence to help students.

To download a copy of the guide and get lots of resources for teens and professionals, check out the website:
For more information about the guide or to schedule an online or in-person training anywhere in California, please contact Sue Keppler:

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