Member Benefits–Get Your Questions Answered!

Ever wondered exactly what membership in TeenNow California means? You’re not alone! Please find some FAQs below and contact us if you have other questions.

What is TeenNow California? TeenNow California is a state-wide non-profit organization that provides training, technical assistance, advocacy, and professional development opportunities to those working with adolescents. We offer webinars, regional trainings, annual conferences, weekly and monthly e-newsletters, and other special events to ensure those concerned with preventing teen pregnancy, supporting young families, and promoting adolescent sexual health have the knowledge, skills and resources to do their work effectively. Aside from our annual scholarship opportunity, we generally do not work directly with teens.  We support those who do. 

How long have you been around? Since 1971.

Why should I be a member? Being a member gives you the benefits and power of the only state-wide organization that focuses solely on teen parenting and pregnancy prevention. Networking opportunities abound. Even if your work does not directly relate to adolescent sexual health, your membership shows your support for the work we do and for pregnant and parenting teens in California.

What exactly does my membership include?

What are some current projects you’re working on?

  • Sex Ed Film Festivals (currently working on collaborative festivals in Los Angeles, Riverside, and the Bay Area)
  • Scholarships (we just mailed out the award letters for 2012!)
  • Conferences (check our events page for the latest updates)
  • Advocacy (we’re currently advocating for the Cal-Learn, AFLP and Cal-SAFE programs)
  • Monthly webinars (events page is where it’s at)
  • And more!! We’re busy.

How can I be more involved? Join TeenNow California to enjoy the benefits of membership or to support the work we do. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest. Join our email list. Attend an event or workshop. Make a contribution to TeenNow California. TeenNow California is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Got more questions? Ask us:

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