Evaluating the Progress of Women’s Opportunities

Back in November, The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a new project to collect data that will measure the progress made in the effort to increase the participation of women and girls in political, social, economic and cultural life around the world. The No Ceilings: Full Participation Project will essentially evaluate movement on the goals set forth in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action at its Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995. By gathering data, the Foundations and their partners will glean important information about progress made, as well as about areas where more work needs to be done.

As we in the non-profit sector know, evaluation is a critical part of social impact. We can’t really know where we need to go unless we know where we started, and where we are now. This project will yield highly informative data on how the state of women and girls has improved in the 20 years since  the Beijing Declaration. By partnering with technology companies and other organizations, the Foundations will provide advocates around the globe with information they can use to create even more change. Read more about this project, and connect to their blog to be a part of the conversation.

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