Please Add Your Voice to Support for AFLP Funding!

Image By Amy Johnson

The Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP), supported by the California Department of Public Health, Maternal and Child Health Branch, works with adolescent parents to improve the outcomes of the parents and children of these young families.  In teaching teens positive parenting skills, helping them build healthy relationships and access services available to them, and providing assistance with educational goals, AFLP represents a significant return on investment of public funds.

AFLP funding has seen dramatic funding cuts that go far beyond the decline in teen pregnancy rates in California; the number of young people who can receive these benefits has been cut by nearly 2/3rd since 2008.  The waiting list for these programs is significant, and the young parents who cannot receive services are finding themselves in difficult situations: homelessness, massively higher risk for repeat pregnancies, inability to continue their education, and their children are at higher risk for abuse and neglect. The costs to society of addressing the problems are significantly greater than the cost of prevention programs like AFLP. 

AFLP funding brings in matching Federal funds, and local agencies can leverage those funds with local organizations. Your support of the restoration of AFLP funding is a benefit for all Californians, especially the children of these adolescent families. The funding is currently being considered by the Assembly Budget Committee, and they need to hear from you. Your letters, phone calls, and emails to the committee members can make a big difference in the next few weeks. 


For more information on AFLP- MCAH Bulletin: AFLP Update (PDF)

California State Assembly Committee on Budget, Health and Human Services Subcommittee members

Suggestion for message to Assembly members:  

Dear __________________________:

My name is __________________. I support the CA Maternal Child & Adolescent Health’s Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP). This program works with pregnant and parenting teens to:

  • REDUCE subsequent pregnancies and premature birth
  • PREVENT child abuse and neglect
  • PREVENT high school drop-outs; encourage higher education
  • PROMOTE economic self-sufficiency
  • PROMOTE community involvement and youth development. 

AFLP can help pay its own way by bringing down Federal match money with restoration of General Fund dollars.  Saving AFLP will contribute to saving California’s future generations.  Our children and communities depend on its survival