2014 Scholarships Winners!

by Pam Kitagawa



The 2014 Teen Parent graduating class is impressive! I just didn’t realize how impressive until this past Wednesday. I was invited to the Horizon School-Age Parent Program to present TeenNow’s scholarship for Region 3. I was able to put a face and a life to an essay, which adds so much dimension to her story. Horizon’s graduating class consists of 11 young women. Each of them me with their stories, their courage, bravery, determination and resiliency.


Our scholarship winner for Region 3 is Natalie Payne. She is an extraordinary women who has, without parental involvement at any level. She maintained a 4.0 after the birth of her son. She is upbeat, smart, wise, and focused on her education. Her essay, titled, “Womb with a View”, is creative and perceptive. Natalie shared personal experiences in her life with a perspective and perception that goes far beyond her years. In college she will be working towards her BSN in nursing. We, at TeenNow, are looking forward to seeing her accomplish her goals.


Natalie is a wonderful example of the 2014 TeenNow California Scholarship Recipients. They are:


                California Recipient:        Edna Arias

                Region 1                               Natalie K. Boulazreg

                Region 3                               Natalie Payne

                Region 5                               Mary Cruz Almarez

                Region 7                               Rajaz Wilkerson

                Region 8                               Guadalupe Santiago


We will sharing information about all the winners in the days to come.


I want to thank each and every young parent who took the time to write deeply personal essays. You are all extraordinary and we are honored by you.  I also want to thank those who contributed to the scholarship funds. We will start the campaign for the 2015 Scholarship awards later this summer. Please consider contributing again or for the first time.


Congratulations to the winners of TeenNow California’s 2014 Scholarship Awards!!

3 thoughts on “2014 Scholarships Winners!

  1. I am one of the 2014 Scholarships Winner and I’ve been having a hard time getting in contact with a staff. My essay was suppose to be used as a “success story” and shared on to the TeenNow California page on Facebook.

    • Hi Mary, I am sorry you have had trouble reaching staff. You story was such a story of resiliency and strength. You are a success story. I will email you my personal cell phone so we can talk.

    • I am sorry Mary. We have just been through a 30 day web audit and the only thing that was posted was conference information. I will make sure that your story goes up on our blog this week.

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