Black Infant Health Funding Restored!

TeenNow California Celebrates this Wonderful News!!

California Black Health Network is extremely happy that Governor Jerry Brown signed the final 2014-15 state budget restoring $4 million dollars back to the state Black Infant Health program (BIH). The budget restored funds cut in 2009 that resulted in some programs (Riverside BIH and San Bernardino BIH) closing and others drastically reducing services. CBHN’s Black Infant Health Alliance meeting in February was filled with devastating stories throughout the state of services being cut and our mothers and babies not getting what they needed as a result of the previous budget cut. With the money restored, the Black Infant Health Program can continue to improve birth outcomes and reduce incidences of infant mortality, low birth weight and prematurity for Black infants.  As a result of the funding restoration, the Black Infant Health Program could also potentially save $7.9 million in excess societal costs, of which $5.1 million are medical costs for the baby, because of potential reductions in preterm births based on the proven success of the program.

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