Supreme Court Decision

photo for website 2Pam Kitagawa, Executive Director, issued the following statement today:

TeenNow California is alarmed by the June 30, 2014 Supreme Court 5-4 decision on Hobby Lobby vs. Burwell and the effect it could have on women and young people. Few things are more personal than information about our bodies and our health. The information patients share with their health care provider is often sensitive, even embarrassing. We believe that all women, adult and teen, have the right to confidential and comprehensive healthcare. This includes access to all available contraceptives including Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives, as access to contraceptives shouldn’t be separated from other equally important parts of comprehensive care. This decision creates an additional barrier and obstacle restricting access to contraceptives that young people may not otherwise be able to afford and interferes with a provider’s ability to provide the quality care we all expect and deserve. This has serious long-range repercussions that TeenNow has serious concerns about and will continue to monitor.” #Supreme Court, TeenNow California

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