Thoughts of Nail Polish

By Amy Johnson

When I first heard about this nail polish that changes color when dipped in a drink that has been spiked with a date rape drug, I thought it was pretty cool. And I am sure that the students who developed it had only the best intentions in mind.

But something really bugs me about it, something that took some time to put into words. Good intentions aside, this is one more thing that puts responsibility on women to not get raped, a product that stands out in world that already doesn’t spend enough time teaching people not to rape. Victims of this crime find themselves questioned about what they were wearing, how much they were drinking, who they were with, the implication being the victim didn’t work hard enough to prevent the crime. Now they will get blamed if we weren’t wearing the right nail polish?

Here’s the problem. Things like this nail polish do not prevent rape. They merely create a situation where someone who is less prepared becomes the victim. We need a world that teaches and values consent and the importance of not committing rape. Need help with that? Check out Men Can Stop Rape and resources about how to talk to teens about consent