About TeenNow California

TeenNow California is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of expectant and parenting teenagers and their young children, and to the prevention of adolescent childbearing. Established in 1971, its membership represents educators, social workers, health care providers, parents, policy makers, and others committed to supporting:

  • Delay of early sexual activity or repeat pregnancy among adolescents.
  • Teenagers who experience early pregnancy and childbearing.
  • Children of young parents.


  • To recognize and support best practices.
  • To provide and exchange information on new developments and pending legislation.
  • To increase awareness among state and local decision-makers in areas of education, social and medical service needs.
  • To provide consultation and dissemination of information on existing and proposed research-based programs.
  • To provide a support network among agencies, professionals and communities.
  • To stimulate social action.

These Objectives are met through:

  • Annual State Conference
  • Regional Workshops
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Teen Services Directory
  • Grassroots and Legislative Advocacy
  • Service on State Advisory Group

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