Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

May is teen pregnancy prevention monthIt is the sense of teenNow California that the state of California should intensify its efforts to reduce the high rates of teen pregnancies and births by declaring May 6, 2015 the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. WE are committed to raising awareness about the importance of this critical issue, promoting parent-child communication, and investing in programs that have been proven to reduce teen pregnancy.

Quick Facts:

  • Teen pregnancy is closely linked to a number of critical social issues such as poverty, educational attainment, involvement in the criminal justice and child welfare systems, and more;
  • Teen childbearing costs U.S. taxpayers about $9 billion each year;
  • A child is 9 times more likely to grow up in poverty if he or she is born to unmarried teen parents who have not yet completed high school;
  • Less than half of mothers who have a child before they turn 18 ever graduate from high school, and less than 2 percent of mothers who have children before 18 have a college degree by age 30;
  • Children of teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely and at low birthweight;
  • Children of teen parents are 2 times more likely to suffer abuse and neglect than would occur if their mothers had delayed childbearing;
  • 8 in 10 adults view teen pregnancy as an important problem and 7 in 10 believe more efforts to prevent teen pregnancy are needed in their community;
  • 7 in 10 adults and a plurality of teens wish that teens were getting more information about both abstinence and contraception, rather than either/or;
  • 7 in 10 adults agree that there should be more community efforts to reduce teen pregnancy

teenNow California Scholarship applications are available!

Please download the application information for your students.  All applications must be sponsored by a current teenNow member and will need to be submitted by April 1st!   Further information and qualifications are on the application.

We look forward to reading all the amazing applications!

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Upcoming Child Nutrition Webinar

LIVE Webinar

Now Childhood Nutrition Programs Get a Leg Up – Funding Abounds!

Thursday, April 16, 2015; By: Frank Klimko


Connect With the Federal/Private Funding Streams That Support Childhood Nutrition Initiatives

The severity of the childhood nutrition epidemic was initially brought to light by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative, but numerous private and federal funders have joined the effort to end the problem within a generation. Nearly all federal agencies have joined the cause, and many private entities are readjusting or enhancing their priorities to focus more on childhood nutrition and obesity prevention. Funds are available for healthy foods, nutrition education, physical education, sports programs and after-school and extra-curricular activities.

This audio conference with funding expert Frank Klimko will help nonprofits position themselves for successful fundraising for childhood nutrition programs. It will provide you with the knowledge to search for funding at the right place; the research and boards that are setting the funding agenda; easy to adapt best practices; and what types of partnerships are required. Frank will shed light on the new federal budget and how it set aside significant money for this national effort.

Because grant writing is a tough job, a portion of the webinar will be reserved for a special “Shake the Money Tree” section. Frank will show how to prepare, format and burnish a grants applications to get the funding that you need to make your programs grow. You will be given with the tools to help them be successful, stand out from the crowd, and connect with the federal/private funding streams.

Learning Objectives

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn

  • The Latest Goals and Achievements
  • The Latest Developments at the Federal and at the State Level
  • Why the Child Nutrition Movement Continues to Grow
  • Impact of the Child Nutrition Movement and Let’s Move! on Federal, Private Funding
  • Research & reports that offer guiding principles
  • Existing Funding Opportunities Providing High Dollar Awards

This webinar will help you understand

  • New Funding Opportunities that are anticipated
  • Outside-the-Box Opportunities
  • Insights on Federal and Foundation Funding Programs that can be replicated
  • Ways to Follow the Funding Trails
  • Other Coinciding Funding Trends that should be followed
  • Insights into networking – Who to Talk to and Meet with
  • Tips on Forming Crucial Partnerships
  • Proven ways for involvement at foundation and federal levels

Click Here to Register

Use Discount Code ” NA20” to get $20 off only for early bird registration

You can register for LIVE webinar, complete with all handouts. Email in your questions in advance to ensure your questions are addressed, or email us anytime during or after the presentation. But don’t wait; spaces are limited to ensure we can address all questions thoroughly. And remember, just one good tip, one proven technique, can make all the difference in your grant seeking

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

From the best of the best – Break the Cycle   teenDVmonth

For many, February is the month of love, where Valentine’s Day is the ultimate celebration of relationships. But February is also about the other side of the coin — what about relationships that are unhealthy or abusive?

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month or teenDVmonth is a national effort to raise awareness about dating abuse statistics, prevention and programs.

“In a 12-month period, one in 10 high school students nationwide reported they were physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend,” said President Barack Obama in a presidential proclamation about teenDVmonth. “And still more experienced verbal or emotional abuse like shaming, bullying or threats.”

Throughout February, nonprofits, organizations and individuals nationwide come together to highlight the importance of educating young people about relationships. And that includes you!

You can be a part of teenDVmonth:

  • Join thousands of conversations on It’s Time To Talk Day, which brings together parents, students, teachers, educators, survivors, advocates, celebrities and beyond to start talking about healthy relationships, dating abuse and domestic violence
  • Participate in an It’s Time To Talk Day Talk-A-Thon
  • Host your own Talk-A-Thon event
  • Read the National Respect Announcement on Valentine’s Day at your school, which has reached over one million students and counting
  • Write letters to your school, community leaders, government officials and faith leaders about how they can change and implement dating abuse prevention policies
  • Wear orange to raise awareness of teenDVmonth

Find out what events you can join during teenDVmonth! With your help, we can work together to help young people build healthy relationships.

New Year…New Look

The staff and Board of Directors at teenNow California are excited. Our website and blog are undergoing a fun renovation. The website will be easier to navigate and packed with relevant and updated information, including a new resource and advocacy center. Look for our fresh website in early March. We’ll let you know when it is up and ready for you to peruse. Please share your feedback with us.